2020 — Basepoint

Below is a comprehensive reference sheet with every "basepoints" (up to 16 beats/strokes), intended to serve as a rhythm glossary for Jaki Liebezeit's dot-dash system.

note: "basepoint" was not a word employed by Liebezeit - he interchangeably termed an organized set of dots and dashes "sequence", "phrase" or "rhythm". Referring to topology, a basepoint is the beginning and ending point of a loop.

Here is a summary of the mentionned system: https://thequietus.com/articles/22327-jaki-liebezeit-can-e-t-theory-drumming-technique

For a deeper understanding of Liebezeit's concept, you may listen to his various 1990s+ recordings with Drums Off Chaos, Burnt Friedman, Jah Wobble, Cyclopean, Irmin Schmidt and B.I.L.L. The superb book entitled "Jaki Liebezeit: The Life, Theory and Practice of a Master Drummer", edited by Jono Podmore is also a ressource to be absolutely considered.

With the purpose of collectively exploring Jaki's approach, 15 outdoor drumming sessions occured at various locations in Montréal during the summer of 2020, each with an interval of 5 days.

Every possible basepoints with 16 beats/strokes and below were generated in python. For each unique basepoint, only the prime form (most dashes towards the right) was included, meaning that there are no permutations and each included basepoint is unique. The musical downbeat (not to say "1") is to be determined [or not] before, during or after the performance of a basepoint.

basepoint :: live@GAMMAE — 2020/07/12

[pdf] of the above sheet
[pdf] for a pair of booklet — to be printed double-sided on an 11/17" sheet, cut and stapled